Byrnes Communications


Our services

Byrnes Communications provides marketing consulting services to technology companies across four key practice areas: AdvocacyReferencesInsights, and Content

We help our clients engage their customers as advocates; capture customer stories to share as references; gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and pain points through insights; and develop compelling content for-and with-their customers.

How can you harness the passion of your customers to drive business growth, while increasing the value they get from your company? Customer advocacy.  Learn more about how we can help you increase customer lifetime value with a strategic approach to advocacy.

How can you build, sustain and scale a customer reference program that actually provides value to your customers while meeting the reference demands from sales and marketing? Learn more about customer reference programs that drive business results.

How do you develop customer feedback programs that actually drive improvement throughout your company, and value back to your customers?  Learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your customer feedback programs.

How do you create meaningful content that adds value for your audience while also driving sales, brand awareness and loyalty? Learn more about our collaborative process for creating content that delivers.