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"Do you have a customer I could talk to?"

How can you build, sustain and scale a customer reference program that actually provides value to your customers for participating, while meeting - or exceeding - the reference demands from sales and marketing?

Customer references are in high demand, but these programs come with a variety of challenges, including no-reference policies, lack of candidates, over-using the same customers, last-minute RFP requests, and more. Not only that, most customers consider participating as a reference to be a favor on their part.

Implementing a customer-first approach to a reference program re-positions this to a strategic opportunity to showcase your customer in ways that are important to them. Our team of customer reference experts have been in the business for over 20 years and can help get your reference program to deliver! We're experienced with many of the industry’s technologies such as RO Innovation, Quickbase, Influitive, and Slap Five. We're also experienced content creators for customer references, including case studies, customer stories, use cases, infographics, thought leadership articles, and more.

Check out the work we've done helping our clients launch and run high performing customer reference programs.

CXO’s cite the influence of customer references and testimonials as the second most significant decision driver. Your future customers want to know what your current customers are saying
— Sirius Decisions 2018